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Our Story:

Sampla is rooted in the heart of Waterford, Ireland.

The journey began with a simple quest. To find a pair of shoes that embodied sustainability, ethical craftsmanship, and timeless design. Faced with the challenge of not finding a pair matched our requirements, we embarked on a mission to create footwear that not only met our standards but also reflected our values.

The Irish word for example is Sampla. This embodies our commitment to setting a standard in the industry.

Elegance Without Consequence

- Sustainability and Innovation:

We use innovative materials like AppleSkin™, which repurposes leftover apple
waste from the juice industry. This reflects a dedication to finding eco-friendly solutions and reducing environmental impact.

- Timeless Design:

Embracing a Bauhaus-inspired design philosophy, we prioritize simplicity, functionality and timeless aesthetics. Each pair of shoes reflects a commitment to enduring design, catering to customers with a discerning taste for both style and timelessness.

- Quality:

The emphasis on artisan workshops in Europe, showcases our dedication to quality craftsmanship. We take pride in
producing shoes with attention to detail, ensuring each pair is carefully crafted for
durability and style.

- Social Responsibility:

We place a strong emphasis on ethical working conditions. The brand ensures
that everyone involved in the production process receives a fair wage and works in a
comfortable environment with humane working hours. This commitment reflects the
brand's values of fairness and compassion.